Waist Beads Fit for a Queen

Waist Beads Fit for a Queen

Traditions are known as something that is passed down from generation to generation it does not matter what race or ethnic background every family has traditions built around their culture. Traditions are something that keeps a family connected and together, it is how a family is formed. It is interesting how history always repeats itself whether it is music, social injustices, fashion trends, or even family traditions. Traditions are constantly repeated; it is a cycle that keeps improving & evolving. Whether a tradition is documented or not it does not take away what it means to a person’s culture or who they pass it down to. One tradition that sticks out and has evolved tremendously is waist beads. Waist beads have been worn for centuries; this is an age-old tradition that connects to a person’s self-care journey. It is for them, and it is based on the energy that they want to receive or give out.

“Cultures grow on the vine of tradition.” Jonah Goldberg,

Many are unaware that waist beads were a tradition that was started in Egypt and West Africa. The Yoruban tribe of Nigeria made waist beads known but, they come from many different regions in Africa. Waist beads are worn as a celebration of fertility, healing, sexuality, womanhood, protection, health, wealth, and femininity. Waist beads can be worn in the shower, going bed, or even during sex, wearing waist beads are a defining moment in a woman’s life. These beads can sometimes be worn as a puberty right. Some beads are believed to have the power to attract as well as eliminate deep emotional responses. Women of all shapes and sizes wear waist beads, but a lot of smaller women are advertised wearing waist beads. Waist beads are generally worn on the hips, panty line, or near the belly button. For example, in Mercury News “African waist beads: Age-old tradition makes modern-day statement” article Tica Bowden stated “They’re for you. It is personal. The meaning of the colors varies with every tribe — it is kind of like visual dialects. And here in America, it is certainly a form of personal expression and individual interpretation. They’re for all women.” Waist beads are not meant for show or to be seen by others, they are meant to be worn under your clothing.

“Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners” William Shakespeare 

Let us fast forward to the meaning of waist beads in 2020. Waist beads have become popular in American not only for people who want to lose weight but, for people who are healers such as meditation coaches, yoga instructors, reiki instructors, or even people who are on a powerful self-care journey. Waist beads have created this sense of balance and healing, it has become this beautiful statement that allows women to feel comfortable within their bodies. In addition, waist beads have become a business opportunity for a lot of creators, these creators have studied what each bead color means, for example, brown is for earth and stability, gold is for good health, power, and wealth, green is for abundance, fertility, nature, and prosperity, red is for confidence and vitality, turquoise is for community and awareness. Each color has a meaning and intention. In an article by Healthline “How to Wear Waist Beads For Body Awareness” Kim Wong-Shing provided facts on how to choose the right waist beads for your body, why people wear waist beads, and what are some of the best places to purchase waist beads. Wearing waist beads is a personal reflection and intention, it allows a woman to feel grounded, empowered, confident, mature, and allows them to embrace a new stage of life. The next time you see a waist bead do not think of it as an accessory, think of it as a tradition, intention, or personal reflection being shared for beautiful growth.

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