About us

Crowning our Queens Pageant

Crowning Our Queens is a love project that provides resources, tools, and community that leads young women into appreciating their beauty, inner worth, and values..The most efficient route to everything from true self-discipline to pursuing your big dreams, living an authentic and fulfilling life is self-loveWe believe that self-love is a consistent process that has to function from within to outward.We can help you build/regain self-love…

Our mission is to help instill self-love and healing in young girls by helping them to establish a strong foundation for loving themselves. Our goal of the pageant is to help girls appreciate who they are and to celebrate each girl, and make them feel like a queen.

Why you need to be in this pageant:

  • You will have the opportunity of learning invaluable life skills to be a successful young woman.
  • You will learn ways to love yourself and embrace your uniqueness.
  • You will learn how to grow and achieve your goals by building self-esteem.
  • You will learn how to express and set your boundaries.
  • You will learn good sportsmanship, poise, healthy habits with eating and exercise, and good speaking and communication skills.
  • You will learn life skills such as grooming and taking care of her appearance.
  • And lots more


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